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Vertical file cabinet systems are beneficial

June 30, 2008

With office space getting more and more expensive, all office managers need to think as how to use the available office space to its maximum. The office should not look cluttered. One of the best solutions is the usage of vertical file cabinet systems. File cabinets systems are designed to store vital documents. There are […]

Industrial steel shelving should be of standard quality

June 30, 2008

Industrial shelves are utilised in places like malls and department stores. These days many companies manufacture industrial shelving. As there are so many manufacturers, it becomes important for you to get the right quality of shelves at the right price. The price and the quality of the shelves depend on the selection of a credible […]

Pirouette Cabinets – storage system at its best

June 29, 2008

There are three types of Pirouette cabinets available on the market: 1.    security pirouette 2.    pirouette motive and 3.    pirouette Security pirouette storage systems have many fool-proof security features and come with a flush fitted in the rear panel. They also have a rigid steel case. Pirouette-motive is a rotary storage system that is operated […]

Essential features of a shelving unit

June 29, 2008

Shelving is generally used for efficient and effective division of your storage facility. At times it is even used for display purpose. Whenever you go for shelving, it is necessary to check out the dimensions in context of the space available. If the unit is very tall, it might not suit you and if it […]

Steel shelving for industrial and commercial storage

June 28, 2008

The use of steel shelving can be seen at many places from industrial facilities to schools, offices, etc. and many such places with a need for saving space. Steel shelving is available in different designs and capacities to suit specific requirements. If the shelving is to be used for industrial storage, the shelf should be […]

Advantages of mobile storage shelving

June 28, 2008

Storage shelving can be designed as per your needs. Mobile storage shelving helps in maximising storage space. Mobile shelving can be very useful in warehouses or offices. If you are going to store heavy items on the shelving, see to it that the shelving units are of good quality and durable. A variety of materials […]

Mobile Storage Cabinets – the ideal choice for office storage

June 27, 2008

For the storage of various products like paper, art material, warehouse tools and other items for different offices, institutions etc, one needs a secure place and the solution is mobile storage cabinets. Mobile storage cabinets are very convenient and can be placed anywhere in the office or warehouse based on the requirement. Mobile storage cabinets […]

Racking – organize your storage efficiently

June 26, 2008

When things are not arranged in a proper manner they cause a lot of worry and problem to the person who needs to access them. If things are not stored properly, they pile up in a heap like many boxes in a shop or in an industrial warehouse.  The problem which may arise is that […]

Have you considered mobile shelving for your storage needs?

June 25, 2008

One of the most efficient methods of utilizing the space to the maximum is the usage of mobile shelving. There are various types of shelving systems available like mobile shelving, archive shelving, library shelving, hand operated mobile shelving etc that can be used in offices, warehouses, factories etc. Shelving can be designed to look like […]

Different kinds of industrial shelving

June 24, 2008

Industrial shelving is available in many types like wire shelving, mobile shelving systems to double rivet shelving, open style shelving, closed style shelving etc. Steel shelving with modular drawer storage, circular shelving and many other types of shelving is available. To organize the items in these shelves one can add more accessories. Various kinds of […]

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