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Static Shelving and its advantages

July 31, 2008

Like any other storage system, static shelves have their advantages and disadvantages. Advantages The advantages of static shelves are as follows: •    Strong Static shelves are usually very strong and can bear a lot of load, unlike other shelves which usually crack under heavy load. •    Adjustable Static shelves can easily be used and adjusted […]

Mobile shelving systems and their advantages

July 30, 2008

The term ‘more is less’ is a perfect way to describe mobile shelving systems. Mobile shelves are high density storage options which occupy lesser space but provide more storage and are also cost effective. By increasing storage space and streamlining storage facilities, mobile storage systems also increase office productivity. The other thing that makes it […]

How to ensure optimum use of shelving

July 29, 2008

Shelving is useful not only for offices but also a highly effective tool to create attractive displays, which will attract your customers. But shelving should always be done with expert advice and proper planning. A lack of shelving can make a display look unorganised, and too much shelving can result in loss of space, so […]

Tips to create effective shelving displays

July 28, 2008

Shelving can serve both the purpose of utility and the purpose of an attractive layout. Here are more ideas in order to make shelving effective. •    Use appropriate materials In order to sell your products through shelving, one always needs to keep in mind the nature of his/her product and then decide the material of […]

Tips for a space-saving office design

July 27, 2008

In today’s times, we spend so much more time in our offices than that in our homes. Due to the fact that we spend a large chunk of time in office, it becomes essential to make the office environment pleasant and user-friendly. This can have a great positive effect not only on your employees but […]

Rotary file cabinets and its multiple advantages

July 26, 2008

There are various types of cabinets available, one of the most effective among them being rotary file cabinets. But, what are rotary file cabinets? Rotary file cabinets are cabinets that have greater storage depth and can rotate easily from both sides. Its great depth and mobile nature has many advantages like greater storage capacity, easy […]

Turn small office space into a bigger office

July 25, 2008

With such high property rates, how many can afford to have a spacious office? Our answer, everyone can. Now you will ask, how? We will show you how by giving a few tips on how to best utilise small office space… •    Wall Shelving Wall Shelving is one of the best solutions to maximise space. […]

Warehouse storage systems

July 25, 2008

A warehouse should have a storage system that is durable and can carry and support heavy loads. The storage system must not take too much space. It should provide safe and quick access to the products that are stored in them. There are a large and diverse number of customized racking systems available in the […]

Wall mount storage units are ideal for retail stores

July 24, 2008

Many store owners use wall mount storage units for organising and displaying their products. Wall mount storage units are available in both wood and metal. These storage units are eye catching and are used for displaying collectibles, electronics and other items. Display cabinets and wall mount storage units provide ample storage space and are designed […]

Storage solutions for your office and retail shop

July 24, 2008

Retail shop and offices should have a storage system that stores the product and/or files in a proper and organized manner. This helps in attracting more customers and clients to the retail shop. Storage systems free up as much office space as possible for the retail shops and offices so that the extra space can […]

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