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Wall shelving units for your office

August 31, 2008

Wall shelving units or storage systems are most commonly used in offices. They are available in various styles, colours and materials. You can mount the shelving on wall using brackets. They can also be used as the focal point in your office. The location of shelving in your office is the most important factor in […]

Store and protect your media with media storage cabinets

August 30, 2008

If you are looking for ways to store and protect your media efficiently, you should look at the various media storage options available. Media storage cabinets last longer, as they are made from heavy gauge steel. They can withstand different weather conditions and do not rust. They can be cleaned easily. The door movement of […]

Pallet racks – maximise your storage space

August 29, 2008

Warehouses and factories are places where pallet racks are commonly used for storage of goods and products. Readymade pallet racks are available very easily. Pallet racks have number of uprights and beams.  Traditional inter lake pallet racks are available in tear, drop and keystone styles. Structural pallet racks are in big demand due to their […]

Office file storage cabinets that make working easier

August 28, 2008

Office storage filing cabinets come in different styles and sizes. Office storage file cabinets help you to access your files or documents in an easy way. They can be used anywhere in your room or office. Office storage cabinets are durable and hence last for a long period of time. The cabinets are available with […]

Mobile storage cabinets are of great use in different setups

August 27, 2008

Storage cabinets are designed to meet various needs of an office or organisation. These storage cabinets help to keep documents, files, records and other things in an organised manner and provide sufficient storage space. Storage cabinets act as an optimal storage solution for both office and domestic use. They come in various sizes and designs […]

Different mobile shelving units for different setups

August 27, 2008

Mobile shelving systems can be used in different places like schools, offices, industrial facilities and homes. Mobile shelving systems are available in a number of different sizes for different storage needs. If you want to store large and heavy items, then mobile shelving units will best serve the purpose, as they are strong and durable. […]

Vertical Filing cabinets vs Lateral filing cabinets

August 26, 2008

You can store important belongings like office files and documents in a systematic manner and can also secure them under a lock and key system by using filing cabinets. Filing cabinets organise your things neatly in an effective way. There are two main types of file cabinets that are extremely useful. Vertical filing cabinets and […]

Office storage cabinets for your convenience

August 25, 2008

There are four elements that have to be considered while planning, designing and building a new office. These four elements include storage, lighting, wall colour and other organisational needs of the office. These elements are important as they create the workflow which directly impacts the productivity of your office. Storage systems play a very important […]

Mobile storage systems are a must for large offices

August 25, 2008

Mobile storage systems provide a great solution for storing almost anything. Mobile storage systems are cost effective and widely used by organisations because of their high storage density. Mobile storage systems can save nearly 60% of the floor space when compared to other conventional static shelving systems. Mobile storage units glide on a steel track […]

Lateral filing systems are ideal for your office

August 24, 2008

If you are not using the right type of filing system in your office then your office might be in a mess. Lateral filing systems are available as different storage options like storage cabinets and vertical file cabinets. They are available in different sizes and finishes. Depending on your storage needs, you can purchase lateral […]

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