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Media storage units for organising your multimedia files

September 30, 2008

Media storage units are high density storage units for places like libraries, schools or media companies. Media storage units save a lot of time and space as they organise media in a systematic manner. Media storage systems increase storage space. All your CDs, VHS tapes and DVDs can be stored and kept in an organised […]

Commercial and business storage units

September 29, 2008

Storage units are not just another mini self storage facility. They provide total self storage solutions for the household as well as for industrial and commercial storage needs. All companies and commercial organisations have hundreds of things to store. Important documents, records, files and folders have to be kept safe and secure. Your files and […]

Store files efficiently with steel shelving and racks

September 29, 2008

All businesses have a wide range of storage needs and so it is essential to have durable and sturdy shelves. Shelving is an important part of warehouses, retail operations and offices. The most popular type is steel shelving as it is tough and hard wearing. For storage purposes, it is advisable to know the size […]

Space saving storage cabinets for your business

September 28, 2008

Space saving storage cabinets are storage units that you can have at your office to store your documents and other important files properly. Situations like missing files and improper storage of documents can be avoided by installing space saving storage cabinets. Space saving storage cabinets offer a lot of flexibility with their simple design and […]

Mobile storage systems – affordable, flexible and compatible

September 28, 2008

Today’s world has become a place where more and more people want their working environment to be less cluttered. By using proper storage systems at the workplace, you can avoid the messing up of files and documents. Mobile storage systems are improved and versatile units. Mobile storage has become very popular with people who are […]

Different shelving options you should be aware of

September 27, 2008

It has become very important to maximise available space as property prices and rental costs are going up all the time. The best way to stock, arrange, organise and move things around is by shelving them. The advantages that shelves provide are great. Apart from organising, they also provide sufficient space to store things, from […]

Archive storage systems give your office a professional look

September 27, 2008

Archive storage is frequently used in business places. The main advantage that archive storage systems have over other types of storage systems is that they are sleek and occupy less space. You can organise the oversized files in a good way so that finding them does not become a difficult task for you. Archive storage […]

Use of archive storage can change your office for the better

September 26, 2008

There are not many offices that use archive storage efficiently. Places that do not use this type of storage look cluttered and have very little place to move about. On the other hand, offices that do make use of archive storage have more than enough space to think, work and breathe. They also look much […]

Storage cabinets to suit all purposes

September 26, 2008

All of us have things that we need to keep out of the way, whether we use them frequently or not. Storage cabinets are designed to meet these storage needs. These cabinets utilise storage space to the full and at the same time keep the stored items in order. Storage cabinets can be used anywhere. […]

Office storage – improve your storage capacity

September 25, 2008

Office storage units are a common storage system that companies and businesses use. The reason why office storage units are widely used by commercial organisations is because they are cheaper and store files and other important office items more efficiently. First and foremost, you have to decide on the size of office storage unit that […]

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