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Mobile storage system – a compact and cost-effective storage solution

March 31, 2009

There are many offices that fail to capitalise on their available storage space. If such a thing happens, files and documents are mostly seen scattered around the office. This can eventually let your important documents and files to get misplaced. Businesses that have a lot of paperwork should always have effective storage systems. Mobile storage […]

Selecting the right long term storage unit for your needs

March 30, 2009

Storage units are used everywhere, whether it is a domestic or a commercial setting. However, the only difference is that storage units in homes are more stylishly designed and finished to compliment the home so add to the beauty of the place. This, however, does not mean storage units used in commercial settings are not […]

Custom made storage devices are beneficial in more than one way

March 29, 2009

If you work in a cluttered office then you surely know how disorganised storage of documents turns the office space into hell. This makes the office environment unworkable and decreases the efficiency of the workers. By keeping the documents and files properly organised, you can not only avoid a messy office but also ensure better […]

Professional storage solutions – An easy way to overcome storage problems

March 28, 2009

Storage space is a problem that is faced in every commercial and private sector. Archive facilities and museums have to face this problem all the time as they have limited space but the materials to be stored keeps increasing everyday. It is important for such concerns to seek the services of storage solution companies as […]

The benefits of archive shelving

March 27, 2009

Modern offices have space and budget constraints. They have to accommodate maximum equipment in a limited space. This is a challenging and burdensome task to make optimum use of this space but thanks to shelving, offices with restricted space are now able to store all their documentation. Shelving is cost effective and advantageous. It ensures […]

Tank Museum storage case study

Tank Museum

March 26, 2009

Rackline layout tracks for the tank museum.

Clifford Chance storage case study

Clifford Chance

March 26, 2009

Combined Approach to Successful Expansion.

Mobile shelving – Making the most of your office space

March 26, 2009

It is important to assess office space when buying office furniture. You need to buy items in accordance with your office space. You should not clutter your office with unnecessary equipment making it look congested and cramped. It is important to choose office furniture that is space efficient and comfortable. More and more offices are […]

GlaxoSmithKline storage case study


March 26, 2009

Healthcare Giant’s storage solution.

Filing cabinets for better office organisation

March 26, 2009

Filing cabinets are very useful and every office normally uses at least one. They help your office look neat and professional. It is always better to have a filing cabinet rather than having files and papers piling up on your desk. Filing cabinets do not just look better but also provides better privacy to your […]

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