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Filing cabinets – organise your files in an effective way

May 31, 2009

Filing cabinets are very convenient and functional for storing your important documents and files. Filing cabinets are also very easy to operate. They can protect your documents and files effectively and are available in different sizes and shapes. They also come with an optional lock and a key feature which can be used for securing […]

Filing systems can improve productivity and efficiency in your office

May 31, 2009

A filing system in your office is not only about storing your files, documents and other important paperwork. It is important to retrieve the file or document stored in the filing system in a minimum amount of time and with little effort. It is very easy to store or move documents and files in a […]

Storage racks make an ideal investment

May 30, 2009

Storage racks are suitable for both, industrial as well as personal use. The storage requirements at home mean that people commonly store items in damp cellars or inaccessible lofts. Attractive, practical storage racking can help to eliminate storage problems, while also adding grace and style to your home. Storage racks are very versatile units and […]

Shelving – get organised

May 30, 2009

Shelving has become very popular and is widely used for both, office as well as domestic use. It makes an excellent choice for storing tools, papers, clothes, books, cleaning products and various other things. Shelving systems are available in various materials, sizes, shapes and designs. Shelving systems are available in different materials such as plastic, […]

Filing storage cabinets can be used to store your belongings effectively

May 29, 2009

Many business organisations usually face a lot of problems when trying to find their important documents and files. This is where there is a need to have appropriate file storage cabinets. Filing cabinets can be effectively used at home and in the office. They save you money and time which is usually wasted when looking […]

Solve all you storage problems by getting new storage cabinets

May 29, 2009

Storage cabinets are very versatile and are the most important type of office furniture. This is because storage cabinets allow people to store, maintain and organise various office documents and files in an appropriate manner. Without the use of storage cabinets, it would be difficult to maintain various documents and files, thereby giving your work […]

Shelving units and their versatile nature

May 28, 2009

Organisation in any company is a vital requirement. Whether it concerns the staff or the work environment, it is important that everything is neat and well organised. Everyone prefers working in a clutter free and systematic working environment, not only because work seems so much pleasurable, but also because it is more resourceful. But how […]

Associated Newspapers Storage Case Study

Associated Newspapers

May 28, 2009

Associated Newspapers’ Archive Move

Include filing cabinets in your list of home office accessories

May 28, 2009

Working from home offices has become very popular today. This is mainly because it is more convenient than working from a regular office. Home offices are common amongst those with small businesses that can be run from the home. As functional as they may be, home offices are not furnished exactly the way regular offices […]

Mobile shelving for all your storage needs

May 27, 2009

Mobile shelving is one of the most important aspects for ensuring the smooth functioning of your office, warehouse or retail store. Every business organisation has different storage needs so it is very essential to select shelves that are strong, durable and sturdy so they can last for many years to come. Mobile shelving is a […]

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