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Mobile shelving units maximise available storage space

July 31, 2009

Every business place requires a certain amount of space to accommodate a wide range of storage needs. Shelving units can prove to be very helpful to overcome storage problems. Mobile shelving, archive shelving, storage cabinets, archive storage, filing cabinets etc are a few types of shelving systems that can create a lot of difference at […]

Mobile shelving for increasing efficiency in your office

July 30, 2009

As most business organisations face major problems with their storage space, mobile shelving units prove to be the best alternatives in order to eliminate storage problems. Mobile shelving units can be effectively used at places such as offices, industrial facilities, homes, schools, warehouses etc. To suit the different needs of different people, mobile storage units […]

Shelving needs for home offices

July 29, 2009

When starting a home office, it is necessary that you take the time to look for a cabinet and filing system that will suit your office needs. People often end up going to a store and just purchasing what is available to them. They do not take the time to analyse and see whether that […]

Mobile storage systems – efficient, strong and durable

July 28, 2009

Mobile shelving systems provide great storage solutions and are highly beneficial in almost all sectors. Companies that offer storage solutions design mobile shelving systems according to the requirements of the order. As mobile shelving systems are tailor-made according to the available space and the size of the goods that are to be stored, they are […]

Making the most of your storage place with space planning

July 27, 2009

Most business organisations in the UK and across the world are experiencing unprecedented increases in acquisition and merger activity because of which office space is becoming less available and more expensive. With the use of computers, most organisations look to reduce paperwork, but the file collection keeps on increasing rather than reducing. During the present […]

The benefits of archive shelving

July 26, 2009

You must have noticed shelves and filing cabinets in every organisation. Be it your school, office, doctor’s office, library, DVD rental shop etc. All of them use some sort of shelving or filing cabinets. Archive shelving Without a proper filing system or shelving people would have to go through countless records to find information. Archive […]

Mobile storage units can eliminate the need for external storage facilities

July 25, 2009

Mobile storage units are an excellent storage option for your house. They will enable your house to become clutter free in an easy manner. Mobile storage units can be a boon for people who have a lot of things that are not required frequently but need to be stored close at hand. They are also […]

Mobile storage units – excellent storage solutions

July 25, 2009

For any business organisation, it is essential to have a proper storage facility where they can store files, folders, documents and other important items effectively. If you are looking forward to having a cost-effective storage system in which you can store all your items in a well organised manner, mobile storage units are undoubtedly one […]

Increase your storage space to improve business

July 24, 2009

The profitability of any company depends on the amounts of goods it can store and provide suppliers. It does not matter what products they are, whether small or big, it is necessary that a company has adequate storage space to ensure the business continues to run smoothly. However, storage space does not come easy and […]

An efficient storage system is a must for every office

July 24, 2009

Without proper storage systems in place, an office can be reduced to utter chaos. Any office where a lot of business is conducted, houses a lot of important items and documents. It is important that these documents are properly stored by the use of a good quality storage system. The absence of an appropriate storage […]

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