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Organise and protect the contents of your library with mobile shelving

October 31, 2009

A state of the art shelving system is necessary to maximise the available space and assort all articles efficiently. A mobile shelving or racking system is also required in commercial establishments like libraries and museums. Such storage systems are completely different from the traditional storage cabinets or shelves. Shelving systems are widely used in Government […]

Shelving is an excellent storage solution

October 30, 2009

Do you have trouble organising your storage? Are you looking for a solution that can help you eliminate the clutter in your office? If the answer is yes, then shelving units are the best possible alternatives to go for. Shelving units can be effectively used at locations like offices, libraries, warehouses and in industry. Whether […]

Archive storage: Innumerable uses and the reason behind its increasing popularity

October 29, 2009

Archive storage systems are extremely popular in the UK. Such systems enable users to maximise the space in their homes or offices. Archive storage can also be used for off-site storage purposes. However, users fail to realise the importance of such a storage system in their home-work environment so a thorough understanding of the various […]

How can mobile storage systems solve your problem of space?

October 29, 2009

Are you facing the problem of lack of space in your home? Do you have to throw important things away because you don’t know where to keep them? Now here’s a brilliant solution to all your space problems. With the help of mobile storage systems, you can now store all the things you want so […]

Lockers – The key to store all the office articles

October 28, 2009

Lockers are an integral part of any office set up. And, the productivity of work will also increase if you organise all the office objects in a resourceful manner. Gone are the days, when lockers were only used in gyms and colleges. Lockers have undergone a gradual change. Contemporary lockers are now used in offices […]

Pay heed to product specifications when purchasing storage systems

October 28, 2009

Security is an intrinsic component of any storage system. So it is recommended that you use efficient storage systems which can guarantee optimum security levels to your documents. Some of the pre-requisites of storage systems are as follows: Protect the Data The storage systems should protect the data from any sort of physical damage. They […]

Mobile racking and shelving is ideal for your storage needs

October 27, 2009

Mobile shelving and racking systems are generally used for storage purposes. They help to keep warehouses and workshop areas neat, clean and tidy. Moreover, they can help to free up floor space whilst enhancing work productivity. Mobile shelving solutions can include heavy duty shelving, storage or racking. A number of suppliers now focus on specific […]

Rotary cabinets work as space savers in offices

October 27, 2009

Rotary cabinets are basically double-depth file cabinets which rotate for fast access from both sides. These cabinets provide 60% more storage space and provide far better filing efficiency compared to vertical, lateral or single storage units. They also provide a high level of security for the materials stored inside them. Rotary cabinets are available in […]

Mobile shelving is the ideal way to save floor space

October 26, 2009

Mobile shelving systems, also known as compact shelving, allow you to maximise the existing floor space in your home or office. Mobile shelving provides you with more storage space than other high density filing systems, supplying the greatest storage capacity per square foot. Mobile shelving is available in different models, such as electric-powered and mechanical […]

How mobile storage systems can help your business

October 26, 2009

Do you have problems related to lack of space within your work place? Or do you have a business that requires you to store and move bulky equipment and machinery from site to site? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then mobile storage systems can help you. How to use mobile […]

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