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Use space properly with storage cabinets

January 31, 2010

Space is one problem that is faced by most business organisations, warehouses and industries across the world. When space becomes a problem, it is ideal to go for space saving storage cabinets. By using storage units like these you can store all your important files and documents in their correct location. Sometime offices face major […]

Rotary cabinets are efficient to store more files in less space

January 30, 2010

Many organizations and businesses all over the world are facing problems with storage due to a lack of space. Because of this, it is very important to have appropriate storage cabinets in your office. Opting for rotary cabinets is a great option for many, as they offer more space than other traditional storage cabinets. Here […]

Make better use of your office space with mobile shelving systems

January 30, 2010

Mobile shelving systems play an important role in different types of organisations, as they offer efficient storage space. When compared to traditional storage systems, mobile shelving systems can double the storage capacity of your office. How mobile shelving systems extend your floor space Because the units move along tracks, there is no need for aisles, […]

Create extra space in your warehouse with industrial storage racks

January 29, 2010

Storage areas, streamlining and space are some of the most important aspects of any business. Irrespective of what you produce, you will always need stock control areas and warehouse spaces that are easy to use, clutter free and well organised. As a business owner, you must ensure that your product inventory is well-organised, streamlined and […]

Pallet racking can help to maximise available space

January 29, 2010

Shortage of space is increasingly becoming a universal problem. In order to combat storage problems, it is important to make proper use of the amount of storage space available. As warehouses sell limited space, it is crucial to take advantage of storage systems that allow optimum storage space in a restricted area. The storage units […]

Benefits of shelving units

January 28, 2010

Many companies will agree that space constraints can be a massive hindrance, and buying or renting extra floor space can be extremely expensive. Fortunately, storage space can now be increased with modern storage systems. Use shelving units to increase space One of the best ways of increasing space is by adding shelving units in offices, […]

Save space and money with storage systems

January 28, 2010

Modern storage systems have helped organisations to curb any additional expenditure. This is the reason why these storage systems are an integral part of many offices and workplaces. Some of the features of these storage systems are as follows: Maximise space Storage systems are now available in compact and slim models, which allow users to […]

Features and benefits of archive shelving and filing storage systems

January 27, 2010

Space constraints are a common problem faced by many businesses nowadays. Archive shelving and storage are some of the of the modern storage systems which have helped organisations to function more efficiently. Some of the features of archive shelving and filing systems are as follows: Archive shelving and filing As the name suggests, archive shelving […]

Storage systems- making a good investment

January 27, 2010

Whether it is in a home or office, almost everyone needs more space. Additional storage space is particularly important in offices and industrial environments. However, choosing any old storage system just won’t do. The kind of storage system that companies incorporate into their business should meet their storage needs as closely as possible. Here are […]

Selection of storage systems made easier with simple tips

January 26, 2010

Are you frustrated because of the never ending pile of office files and papers? You are probably annoyed because you ultimately end up misplacing important documents. The eventual outcome is poor business performance. You can now solve this problem via archive shelving and storage systems. Archive storage Contemporary storage systems are provided with numerous racks […]

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