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Save money by planning carefully

March 30, 2012

If you need a new storage system but are not sure whether it will be too costly, think again.  Ask yourself this, can you afford not to? It can be tempting to go for a cheaper storage solution option, but will it last? Why not plan carefully, you will find you end up saving money […]

Why industrial storage will keep you safe

March 27, 2012

An organised workplace not only keeps everything tidy but it provides a safe environment.  At Rackline we firmly believe that everything should have a place, and that everything should be in its place. If you have a messy working environment then it can prove to be a health hazard.  If you run a warehouse or […]

Rackline win Manchester libraries contract

March 23, 2012

Here, at Rackline HQ, we are buzzing with some exciting news.  We have recently won a £550,000 contract to help Manchester’s libraries upgrade their storage and shelving. As a storage solutions company we are looking forward to creating some bespoke specialist storage, including archive storage and shelving systems.  Manchester City Council’s Town Hall are currently working […]

Why a locker can make all the difference

March 16, 2012

Here at Rackline we believe that it is sometimes the simplest things that make the difference.  You may not think it but a steel storage cabinet or a ‘locker’ can be a huge benefit to your school, hospital or even business. When you think about office storage systems or even workshop storage systems you can […]

How to rid your office of clutter

March 14, 2012

Most of us spend more time in our office than we do at home.  With a busy team and lots going on our office storage solutions can soon be filled with clutter.  That is why it is worth clearing out the clutter on a regular basis and freeing up some office storage space. So how […]

Why it is time for a spring clean

March 8, 2012

Winter seems to almost be behind us and spring is most certainly on its way.  With the arrival of spring it is now time to throw out the old and bring in the new.  Offices can fast become a place of unnecessary clutter and office storage soon becomes a dumping ground. Well this needn’t be […]

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