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Introducing the Innovative Moving Wall System

July 26, 2016

We’re pleased to introduce you to our latest intelligent storage solution, the ‘Moving Wall’, which offers the perfect balance between performance and style. The robotic wall offers a sophisticated solution for businesses wanting to conceal their storage in working environments, on display in meeting rooms and presentation spaces. This is because the moving walls are made […]

retail storage

How Mobile Retail Shelving Provides a More Efficient Storage Solution

July 15, 2016

When we think of retail storage, in most cases, the image that draws to mind is of the static shelves on the selling floor. These storage solutions play a big part in presenting products and influencing sales, however, there is much more to retail storage than actually meets the consumer eye. Most retail storage is […]

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PEP&CO store more with Rackline

July 15, 2016

Corporate colour lime green end panels add a stunning splash of colour to this retail installation.

BIM Library

Rackline Achieve BIM Status

July 11, 2016

We are pleased to announce that we have recently achieved BIM (Building Information Modelling) status. As a result, our products will now feature in the National BIM Library, allowing building designers and architects to download essential product information in a 3D format and drag and drop them into a 3D model. The National BIM Library was […]

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