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what's new in museum storage

What’s new in Museum Storage?

September 26, 2018

Buildings used for museum or heritage projects often have specialist requirements when it comes to storage, so at Rackline we work with a wide range of clients to find the perfect solutions. Here we look at some of the latest innovations in museum storage that can be found in our range of museum and gallery […]

Rackline theatre shelving solutions

Our Top 3 Healthcare Shelving Solutions

September 19, 2018

Working in healthcare means operating in a very demanding environment.  In 2018 resources have been pushed to the limit with the heatwave increasing hospital admissions and a potential ‘no-deal’ Brexit leaving the future availability of medicines in jeopardy.  Now, more than ever, healthcare environments need to function as effectively as possible.  This means getting the […]

open plan office storage

How to Organise Your Office Storage to Keep You Fit

September 12, 2018

Open plan offices have been recently linked to more active and less stressed employees, compared to those working in cubicles. The University of Arizona conducted a study, which you can find published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine1, where they measured the activity and stress of 231 office employees working in US government buildings. Their results […]

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