Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR Policy

All the staff at Rackline recognise that we as a company have an obligation to carry out our business activities in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. This is incorporated within our other key policy documents:

  1. Health & Safety Policy
  2. Environmental Policy
  3. Quality Policy
  4. Business Continuity Plans
  5. Employment policies including Equal Opportunities Policy

Our aim is to ensure that all key stakeholders of our business are covered by this policy and this is achieved as follows:

  • Our staff – through our continuing appraisal and training process our employees are suitably trained and developed within their roles to ensure that they obtain the most of their career whilst enjoying a good home and work balanced lifestyle. We work with our employees to make the company a safe, comfortable and great place to work, to help them to be proud of the company and the working environment.
  • Our suppliers – continually developing our current long-term relationships with approved suppliers and work to sustain our approved suppliers list to ensure fair procurement methods and rewards. Working with our suppliers to ensure that our materials are being sourced from company’s whose policies are in line with ours in respect of ethical and environmental issues.
  • Our customers – ensure at all times we deliver to our customers requirements and are aware of their business CSR policy and exceed their expectations on that delivery through out our company structure and resources. Our customers are a vital part of our business and we aim to ensure that all contact through our employees or correspondence is to the highest standard and professional in all respects.
  • Our shareholders – policies are adhered to ensuring shareholders interests are protected, shareholder decisions are made to ensure CSR policies are being fully considered. Regular evaluations of our operations and business practices are carried out in order to improve our competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Our community – policies are set to ensure that our community is not affected by any element that would be detrimental to their well-being in respect of environmental issues such as pollution, noise and disruption. We actively manage and regularly assess the environmental impacts of all our operations. At all times we endeavor to further develop our reputation as a responsible business in the local community.

All employees are made aware of this policy and the others stated at their enrolment to ensure that the company as a whole work together to ensure our CSR responsibilities and visions are adhered to at all times.