Benefits of Rackline Hospital Shelving

Rackline hospital shelving has been supplied to hospitals around the UK for over 28 years. Our satisfied customers range from Staffordshire PCTs to The Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

Products stored include Medical Records, X Ray Plates, surgical supplies and Pharmacy solutions. All Rackline shelving products are made from steel that has paint powder coated meaning that levels of hygiene can be maintained to a high standard once the storage is installed. If required an antibacterial paint can be applied for particularly sensitive areas. The antibacterial action impacts immediately on most bacteria present generally killing the bacteria within 24 hours.

The range of storage provided by Rackline offers a large number of options for hospital environments. The two static shelving systems Profile and Proform are ideal for areas of high value product or heavier items. Each shelf can carry loads of up to 200Kg meaning that X-Ray plates of heavy hospital equipment can be stored easily. In addition for hospital record with high retrieval rates a static filing system is ideal.

In areas of the hospital where space is at a premium the Rackline mobile systems come into their own. The Monotrak system is ideal for space pressured pharmaceutical areas. Its unique design means it can sit directly on an existing hospital floor and each carriage can carry up to 5 tonnes meaning quantity is not an issue.

The Multitrak system is the big brother of the Monotrak and is designed to carry up to 15 tonnes, this is typically used in hospital environments where there are large numbers of heavy hospital records to be stored and where ongoing access is required.

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