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Rackline drive forward a solution

With the huge amount of material coming in and out of the building every week, the storage was extremely important. The DVLA needed a solution that would increase staff capacity and bring in offices from off-site.

The Brief:

The DVLA was set up in 1973. It holds details on 41.2 million drivers and 33.5 million vehicles. The DVLA is responsible for recording changes to the driver and vehicle register, issuing driving licences, registration documents and the collection and enforcing of vehicle excise duty. The site in Swansea issues 13.4m driver transactions, 7.3m driving licenses and 24.5m vehicle registrations per year. The DVLA receives over 18.9m telephone calls and 20m items of mail per year.

The Solution:

Following the appointment of Land Securities and Amaryllis in April 2005 to undertake a major PFI project, Rackline was invited to look at the storage problem at the Head office. Rackline, specialists in storage systems, proposed a solution that was primarily a mixture of 7 level and 4 level Pirouette Rotary Storage units. The seven level Pirouette Rotary Storage Units offered the DVLA 11 linear metres of filing per unit (equivalent to approximately 5 four drawer fi ling cabinets) and the 4 level Pirouette Rotary Storage units offered the DVLA 6 linear metres of filing per unit (equivalent to 3 four drawer filing cabinets). The 4 level units were chosen to not only store employee’s work but also maintain an open plan office environment. Nineteen orders were placed by Product Procurement Services (the procurement arm of Land Securities/Amaryllis) and delivered individually by Rackline over an eighteen month period. Rackline ultimately provided over 320 Pirouette Storage Units. Further orders consisted of Profile shelving with Multitrak mobile bases and Profile shelving with Monotrak mobile bases.

”The Rackline Pirouette Rotary Storage Units successfully fulfi lled the requirement set by the DVLA. DVLA have increased their employee headcount on site, due in no small part to the increased amount of storage the Pirouettes provide in a small footprint. The units are also extremely aesthetically pleasing in a busy open plan office.“ Paul Piontecki, Amaryllis Group

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