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Choosing library shelves for your building can be both exciting and mind boggling. When making an investment in new storage, you want to ensure you’re choosing timeless, hard wearing solutions that you can rely on for many years. It’s also important to consider how they will meet the needs of your books, staff and visitors, to keep your library clear and organised for everyone.

At Rackline we’re here to make the planning process simple, with a free storage audit, free space plan and a free quotation. We offer a variety of both static and mobile library shelves to help maximise library space and keep your property protected.

So, once you decide on what your library needs, in terms of space, mobility, strength and design, it’s time to browse our collection:

the right library shelving

Classic Library Shelves

Pro-Libero Library Shelves provides the classic library feel and maximum storage space for all your books. They are designed with a double skin upright which hides all fixings for a clean aesthetic.

Their braceless system allows them to stay supported without back bays, for easy access either side of the unit. You can find this style of shelving in a variety of sizes with a choice of features, including glass end panels and book dividers.

Flo-Libero Shelving systems are perfect for school libraries when teachers need to regularly transport a lot of books without leaving their classroom for too long. The Flo-Libero shares a lot of similar features to the Pro-Libero system, with the difference that it is fixed onto a portable base with castor wheels. This provides easy repositioning within the limited space available and full flexibility.

library shelving

Electronic Mobile Shelving

Our Electronic Mobile Shelving units are built with Powertrak for easy assisted mobility of heavy units. As well as helping you shift the shelves for maximum storage space, Powertrak also provides automatic lighting, PIN access for authorised staff, integration with access control and security systems, and auto-close in during fire and security warnings.

They can fit a high volume of books on each shelf and allow you to maximise your library space as there’s no need for them to all be separated with distance. Their security features also allows you to keep the files you need to confidential if you’re also looking for administrative storage.

For more information on our wide collection of library shelving solutions, visit our website where you will find all the specifications and case studies from previous customers. If you’re interested in teaming with Rackline call us today on 01782 770144.