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Storage is a key consideration for any business premises, so finding a suitable solution can make a big difference to how efficiently an organisation can operate.

Mobile Storage Systems are one of the most popular options for businesses taking a new approach to workplace storage and have been popularised by their increased use in environments such as offices, stockrooms and archives.

Here we look at some key ways that Mobile Storage Systems can be used to benefit your workplace environment and improve efficiency.

mobile storage system

Increasing space

A Mobile Storage System provides high density shelving that is accommodated by mobile carriage units that slide to offer easy access, meaning they require far less room than conventional systems. This offers a highly effective way of increasing floor space, an important factor for small workspaces.

Creating partitioning

For open-plan workplaces that require greater structure, a Mobile Storage System can help to create more defined areas. Effectively placed units can be used to develop segregated working spaces and walkways and can also provide an effective acoustic barrier between re-modelled departments.

Accommodating growth

If you are looking to extend your business operations and need to expand your storage options to accommodate this, mobile storage offers an ideal solution. Each system can be extended according to your requirements, adding volume and capacity as and when your organisations requires it.

Simplifying relocation

If you choose to move your business to another premises, your Mobile Storage System can come with you! With professional assistance, the unpacking and installation of these systems at a new venue is usually quick and easy, saving your business the cost of replacing an effective existing solution.

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Rackline offer a wide range of specialist Mobile Storage Systems, creating high-quality systems that are made to measure, ensuring a bespoke solution that meets the needs of your business and your premises.

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