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It goes without saying that healthcare practices are required to store vast amounts of confidential patient information, large items of equipment such as X-ray machines, not to mention drugs and medications. With the NHS already pushed in terms of staffing and space, it is vital that hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and walk in clinics have everything they need on hand in order to assist patients quickly, efficiently and safely.


Hygiene is one of the top priorities for medical staff to consider in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination and the spread of infection. Traditional, fixed storage units and filing cabinets can collect dust and grime and are difficult to clean thoroughly, however Fastrak cabinets can be moved easily by simply releasing the brake, inserting the handle and pulling to one side. Healthcare cleaners are then in a position to be able to move these cabinets so as to clean and disinfect the area beneath and surrounding the unit, helping to sanitise key areas. Our Fastrak cabinets are commonly used for theatre storage, a typical area where hygiene is of the utmost importance for patient health and safety.

fastrak cabinets


With drugs and medicines often required to be available in large quantities in a hospital setting, it is vital that these items can only be retrieved by authorised personnel. Pharmacy storage must be highly secure so as to deter thieves and protect patients and visitors to the healthcare setting. However, it is also vital that medical staff can access the necessary drugs quickly – particularly in departments such as Accident & Emergency.


Healthcare practices also have a duty of care under the Data Protection Act to store data which is up to date, accurate and secure, so lockable medical record storage units are a must. With large volumes of personal data being stored in hospitals and medical surgeries, the information needs to be organised efficiently so that relevant data can be pulled out as and when required, often with very little notice. Pirouette Rotary storage units are ideal for storing large amounts of records which need to be accessed frequently, whilst utilising even a very small amount of floor space.

Medical Equipment
Hospitals inevitably require a large amount of equipment for use by staff and patients, including X-ray machinery, crutches, commodes and surgical supplies. These items are often large and bulky, but need to be stored safely and efficiently so that staff can access them immediately when required. Rackline are pleased to be able to utilise antimicrobial technology in their products designed for sensitive areas, such as theatre storage shelving, in order to help to control infection and reduce cross contamination. The antimicrobial coating (AMC) can eradicate bacteria and viruses within 24 hours.

If your healthcare setting requires up to date shelving and storage systems which are hygienic, durable, secure, yet easy to operate, contact the Rackline team by telephoning 01782 770144.