How to Organise Your Office Storage to Keep You Fit September 12, 2018

Open plan offices have been recently linked to more active and less stressed employees, compared to those working in cubicles.

The University of Arizona conducted a study, which you can find published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine1, where they measured the activity and stress of 231 office employees working in US government buildings.

Their results found that employees working in open plan offices with no desk partitions completed 32% more physical activity compared to those in private offices and 20% more than people working in cubicles.

In addition, those who were more active had lower levels of stress away from the office by 14% compared to less active participants.

You may be wondering how an open plan office leads to an increase in physical activity, when all participants were working behind a desk whichever layout their office had?

Sources of Activity

Well, however small these runs of activity, they all add up. Having less privacy in an open plan office means having to walk to another room for a private phone call, not forgetting those who prefer talking on the phone while walking round. Also, having to travel from either side of the office to filing cabinets to find exactly what you need. As well as walking to the shared bathrooms and the staff kitchen during your breaks, which you wouldn’t have in a private office.

This is great to be aware of as we approach World Heart Day on 29th September 2018, as finding these small ways to increase your daily activity will provide benefits such as helping with weight loss, lowering your blood pressure and promoting overall health.

How Office Storage Organisation Can Help

Using office storage to divide open spaces in an office environment can create new routes to encourage employees to get up and walk around the office.

open plan office storage

After finding which office storage solutions suit your office best, think about how you can position them in a way which is both convenient but also out of reach, so the team must get out of their chairs and walk to it. This is important because experts recommend taking a movement break every 30 minutes, as sitting down for long periods of time has been linked to earlier deaths.

Also consider the style of office storage you are looking for and how it can keep you active. Instead of having mismatched shelves with grab and go files, look for filing cabinets you can organise and label. Looking round for the right cabinet and pulling out the draw to flick through files shouldn’t take up too much working time, but it is good for keeping you on your feet and moving your body for a couple of minutes.

Finding Your Office Storage Solutions

Here at Rackline we provide a wide range of office storage solutions, to fit offices of different sizes and functions. Turn your office into an open plan environment and encourage your employees to stay healthy by contacting Rackline today.


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