Museum Storage Solutions for the Paisley Secret Collection June 19, 2018

Having developed a strong reputation for creating innovative bespoke solutions for museum storage and shelving, we regularly work closely with some of the UK’s largest museums and galleries, as well as a number of smaller collections. One of the larger museum storage projects that we have worked on was for the secret collection at Paisley Museum and Art Galleries in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Paisley The Secret Collection

Open to the public, Paisley Museum is home to one of the largest municipal art collections in Scotland, including more than 800 paintings. We were tasked with designing, manufacturing and installing a range of storage solutions to house tens of thousands of items from Renfrewshire’s collections in a purpose-built storage unit in a former retail property. Publicly accessible, the secret collection includes a diverse collection of items, from paintings and sculptures, to books, furniture, electrical goods and vehicles. As a result, the storage systems that we provided are completely bespoke and extremely varied.

Chest storage units

Paisley Museum Storage - Chest storage units

We provided a range of plan chest storage units as standalone units to house a range of flat items. We provided units with a variety of draw sizes to cater for archiving small and large items.

Static shelving

Paisley Museum Storage - static shelving

For heavier items, such as stone sculptures, we recommended static Prospan shelving to ensure the items were kept safe and secure. While mobile storage can make better use of available space, moving heavy, breakable items is an unnecessary risk.

Pull-out picture racking

Paisley Museum Storage - pull out picture racking

There are many paintings and pieces of art amongst the Paisley secret collection, so we installed steel framed, mesh picture racking. Pictures are mounted onto the mesh and frames can be pulled out to view individual pieces of art. This means that a lot of different pictures can be stored in a much smaller area.

Mobile storage

Paisley Secret Collection - Mobile Storage

To make the most of available space when storing thousands of different items, we made use of a range of different mobile storage systems, including mobile shelves and rolling racks.

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Having gained considerable experience in delivery storage solutions for museums over the last 25 years, we are able to create the best possible storage systems for any museum environment, whether simply for archiving, or suitable for public access.

View our museum storage case studies to see how we have been able to help a range of museums improve their storage, or call us on 01782 770144 for more information.

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