Our Top 3 Healthcare Shelving Solutions September 19, 2018

Working in healthcare means operating in a very demanding environment.  In 2018 resources have been pushed to the limit with the heatwave increasing hospital admissions and a potential ‘no-deal’ Brexit leaving the future availability of medicines in jeopardy.  Now, more than ever, healthcare environments need to function as effectively as possible.  This means getting the right equipment, in the right place to help staff do their jobs efficiently.  Storage is just one factor that contributes towards a good work flow in the healthcare sector, so here are our current Top 3 healthcare shelving solutions to make your working day that little bit easier:

Chrome Wire Healthcare Shelving

Rackline healthcare shelving - chrome wire shelving

This is a simple shelving solution that works extremely well in the healthcare sector because it allows for the flow of air and easy cleaning – vital concepts in an environment where health and hygiene are paramount. These shelving solutions can be made as mobile or static systems, depending upon your requirements and feature a smooth, snag-free finish so there is no worry about catching your clothing or skin on rough edges.  Our chrome wire shelving is strong and robust and can accommodate up to 300kg of shelf load, making it a very flexible option for storing a wide range of medical equipment and resources.

Rotary Filing Solutions

Rackline rotary storage for medical records

If it’s medical records and files you need to store, then rotary filing systems are the perfect solution,  offering fast retrieval and great use of storage space.  You can save massively on floor space with a rotary system, up to 12 times the amount of space you would need for standard filing cabinets.  What’s more, at Rackline we offer our Pirouette rotary storage as a secure system, meaning that you don’t have to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.  This is particularly important when you consider that a recent study in the US found that over half of all healthcare information breaches originated on the inside of an organisation.

Theatre Shelving Solutions

Rackline theatre shelving solutions

Our mobile shelving systems are ideal for storing theatre supplies and equipment.  In addition to increasing your storage capacity, they allow for simple organisation and easy retrieval, saving vital time in a theatre environment.  Recently we completed the installation of mobile shelving solutions for Chesterfield Royal Infirmary and Nottingham University Hospital Trust – where we increased storage capacity by 50%.

To find out more about our wide range of healthcare shelving solutions, please call Rackline on 01782 770 144, when we can arrange a free storage survey and space audit.

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