Freespace Picture Racking (Column Free)


Product Description

Freespace is a new and unique racking system to the art handling and storage market.
By clever design incorporating a cantilever system, the new ‘Freespace’ pull out picture racking is designed to do away with tracks and rails that protrude into gallery or storage space. This will allow picture display and storage racks to be pulled out into the aisles and viewing areas totally free of support from the ceiling or floor.
The team designed and engineered this unique picture racking system to solve a problem that art galleries and museums have been telling us about for years; to provide a pull out picture racking system that can be installed to create a safe and secure environment by not protruding in any way into gallery space that is often occupied by clients and members of the public.
It can be adapted for both storage and display of all sizes of pictures and artwork.

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