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Fileline is the filing division of Rackline which has been established for over 30 years and was designed to complement Rackline to offer a complete storage solution for our customers where required.
Fileline has many elements which include a wide range of files from Fileline and Raliex, Lloyd George boxes, Metabins and more.
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File supplies

We offer a wide range of files some of our most popular include– the Transaction file which is a super strong and versatile hanging file in a range of depths, the 4144 File which is a printed pocket with end tab, the R7800 Wallet which has an end tab and a spring clip back filer and our new Lateral Polypropylene Suspension file plus many more.


File audits

Fileline offer a complete filing and storage consultancy service whereby we analyse your existing storage product and storage methods. Based on this information we produce an in-depth report detailing your current storage status and providing recommendations to implement a space saving and efficient storage and retrieval system tailored specifically to your company’s requirements.


Colour Coded File Labelling

A file is generally regarded as being of little value, until it can’t be found. The consequences of a lost file can be enormous because often the historical content cannot be duplicated. An end tabbed file with colour coded labelling will reduce retrieval times by over 40% and will eliminate lost or misplaced files.

Red files

File Transfer, Conversion and Move Management

Once the decision has been made to replace your existing filing and implement a more efficient solution Fileline can undertake the transfer, conversion and move management from your existing system into your new system.
We are also happy to move other items in connection with your storage requirements such as archive boxes and artefacts.

Database Compilation

Fileline can undertake a database compilation of your existing paper copy files to provide an electronic record of your filing system.  Once completed this database can be used in a variety of ways to provide up to date, flexible details of your filing system. Once completed this database can be used in a variety of ways to provide up to date, flexible details of your filing system, which can be used in conjunction with prelabelled filing, file tracking, referencing or marketing.

Document Tracking

Our document tracking software is an electronic file location and identification system.   The software allows the tracking and location of any document entered onto the system. A variety of reports can be generated to advise the user about a file’s history, current status, location and requests for certain information relating to a specific file or data within that file. Our system also logs the amount of time a file is used by an individual. The possibilities are endless as to its application and we are happy to offer a full demonstration if this service is of interest to you.

This data tracking software is not exclusively for files but can also be used in conjunction with the storage of data cartridges, artefacts, archive boxes or any item of value.

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