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With over 25 years´ experience of providing storage solutions to companies throughout the UK, Rackline Limited are able to provide the very best in secure storage facilities, with organisations in both the public and private sector benefiting from our innovative range of products.

This includes our secure cabinet systems which provide exceptional protection to our customers. They all come equipped with a host of high-security features designed to ensure protection against intruders.

The cabinets´ steel cases boast a flush fitted closure panel, while the hinge guard provides a seal to prevent unwanted access. Other features include a detachable hand-operated lock latching plate and a combination lock that can be set to personal use.

At Rackline Limited, we pride ourselves on commitment to safety and security when designing all our storage solutions. In addition, we are a leading provider of approved secure containers, information security solutions, locks and locking systems, and document tracking services. From our head office near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, we design and manufacture all of our high-security storage products, and our ever-growing customer base comprises of large blue-chip companies and SMEs alike. Our depth of knowledge means we can provide bespoke storage solutions to companies of all types, and our aim at all times is to offer our customers safety and security while also maximising their return on investment through innovative storage systems.