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Lack of proper storage systems in any sector means misuse of space which in the present situation is equivalent to misuse of money. Discussed below are two areas where the requirement of proper storage systems is often overlooked.

Cold storage
Large refrigerated containers are used for refrigerating food products in the industrial, retail and transporting sectors. Without proper pallet racking, the available space inside the refrigerated unit is not used properly. By installing adjustable pallet racking in the refrigerated container, proper utilisation of the available space is made.

Further, when the pallet racking system installed is adjustable; it becomes easier to accommodate goods of various sizes within a single container by shuffling the pallet racks. Proper pallet racking in the refrigerated container also helps in keeping the stored goods organised. Thus, the goods remain undamaged while loading and unloading.

Storage during transportation
Today there are innumerable courier services which carry different types of goods from one location to another location. Usually large containers or trucks are used for transportation. Companies providing self storage facilities also use such containers to transport the goods that are to be stored.

If the containers are not using adjustable pallet racking then the storage space is reduced. Moreover, it is not possible to keep the goods organised during transportation. Proper pallet racking will maximise the space as a result of which the same container can carry more goods and keep them undamaged during the journey.