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Rural Payments Agency

Space Saving Solution For Rural Payments Agency

With responsibility for issuing more than £3 billion of Common Agricultural Policy payments to farmers and traders across England, the Rural Payments Agency in Newcastle must keep its records in order at all times. But as the number of files continues to increase, there will always be a desperate need for more space.

The Brief:

We store date on farms and farmers nationwide and this type of information must be available at all times,” said Bill Smith at the Rural Payments Agency. “More than 180,000 files are used daily and must be accessed quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption." In order to find the most appropriate storage for their needs, the Rural Payments Agency consulted Rackline, specialists in storage solutions.

The Solution:

Following a thorough audit. Rackline recommended the existing static freestanding shelving was replaced with 53 bays of Powertrak shelving- a fully electrical mobile system designed to handle large loads. Different lengths of racking were provided for different areas and by adding an extra shelf, capacity was increased immediately. Being electronically powered, Powertrak enables enormous loads to be moved effortlessly. With thousands of files used daily this reduces staff fatigue. Powertrak has 6 levels of safety built in to the system for complete user confidence. Nick Marchuk, Rackline’s Director of New Business explained,” If they had continued using the system of static shelving, storage space would have needed to at least double, As it is, the finished installation has provided three and a half times more space without using the additional floor space.”

"Having seen how effective Rackline's systems can be, we are seriously considering moving our archives back into the office and saving the money we currently spend on storing them offsite"

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