September Reviews


“Overall, we are happy, however, there are some issues that need addressing and the units in some instances could be improved. We have requested that someone from your team comes out to assess the problem.


“The whole project was approached and dealt with in a very professional manner, at no time was there any concerns from either party of what was required and how it was to be done. Work was carried out very efficiently with the minimum of fuss and with no disruption to the Hospital’s activities. Your work forces were polite, efficient and helpful, All in all it was an extremely smoothly exercised project.”


“Generally, the standard of the supplied units is very good and the majority are constructed to our specifications. However, there are some aspects of the overall finish that are poor. It would be more fitting if a member of the assembly team or the site surveyor could visit and view for himself these shortfalls!


“We made the decision to use Rackline at quite a late stage in our planning, and were pleased at how quickly the whole project could be agreed and installed. The sales and installation teams were excellent.

We are only just starting to load the shelves, and my only concern at present is that the book supports do not appear to be a very neat fit. But perhaps I am not yet understanding quite how they are supposed to work.”


“Although the installation was carried out very efficiently and the system looks good, there is some misalignment which prevents the units closing up correctly. It is a small thing maybe but irritating. Your installation engineers put it down to unevenness in the floor and I accepted that at the time, but I have checked and re-checked and am convinced that this is not the problem.
I have to say I am generally satisfied all round but it would be nice to think this could be fixed.”


“The installation foreman was unaware that old racking had to be removed prior to installation and insisted on calling the company despite my showing him paperwork confirming the order. Work thus started later and took an extra half day for which I had to find staff to facilitate access to the area.
However, once underway the team were efficient, hard working and tidy.
I am very pleased with the finished product.”


rackline 2015