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What Our Customers Say

It was fab. The racking is great. The installers were amazing.

Peter Yortson, Allianz Management Services Ltd.
The bespoke system provided by rackline was extremely well designed allowing our wide range of products to be stored in a logical manner. The area was maximised to its full potential allowing us 20 years of expansion. The installation took 10 weeks to complete as part of an 11m project.
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre
With a complicated building programme, storage installation had to be organised around other contractors' work and in-store logistics. rackline were extremely efficient in this regard, and the new storage facility has greatly enhanced our operational capability.
Roy Massey
Marks & Spencer


  • High density motorised storage lets your store more in less space. Shelve and storage units move along a track to compress or form access where required. Motors take the strain and make retrieval quick and simple.
  • rackline offer a wide range of storage units for Archiving documents and objects. Your company can benefit from our experience in picking the right type of storage system.
  • rackline offer a range of furniture for the office environment, including storage cabinets and cupboards. The product ranges from high quality static systems such as our Profile or Proform systems to electric mobile display systems or powered mobile systems such as PowerTrak. The Monotrak mobile manual system is ideal for an office environment offering high density storage on a mobile system that sits flush to an office floor meaning carpeting and furnishings are not compromised.
  • With over 25 years´ experience of providing storage solutions to companies throughout the UK, rackline Limited are able to provide the very best in secure office furniture, with organisations in both the public and private sector benefiting from our innovative range of products. This includes our secure cabinet systems which provide exceptional protection to our customers. The strength and security of our range of secure cabinets is highlighted by the fact that they are all MoD and UK government approved. They all come equipped with a host of high-security features designed to ensure protection against intruders.
  • rackline have delivered picture racking, artwork and gallery storage across the UK for over twenty years. Our clients range from the public sector to private collections Customers include the impressive Whitworth Art Gallery, the V&A, McManus Art Gallery in Dundee and Christies Auction house in London as well as smaller clients such as the Shell Art Gallery.
  • rackline provides a range of Longspan Racking, Industrial Racking and storage products for industry and more demanding environments across various business sectors. The range of products include pallet racking, Widespan systems and our bespoke Speedrax systems. Sectors include retail customers such as Next and Nike as well as more demanding environments such as systems for Renault Motors.
  • rackline provide roller storage for a number of different solutions. This ranges from individual rolled material storage to heavy rolled material storage.
  • To see a range of shelving accessories for different solutions download a brochure.
  • rackline offer various low level storage systems for your office or workplace. Our mobile storage units are designed to optimise the space in your office. Filestation for example the FX award winner for Workspace Systems Furniture, it provides high density storage and can offer a 33% increase in filing space in comparison to a typical static office layout. Additional products include the Spin, a compact version of the Pirouette Rotary Storage System and LowTrak a lateral moving high density system, the little sister of the SideTrak product. The low level products are detailed below, please click on an icon for more details.
  • rackline has provided archive shelving and archival storage to clients for over thirty years. Customers that range across the public sector to private collections include Gwent County Council, Wiltshire and Swindon Heritage Centre, Eversheds Solicitors to Cameron Mackintosh's personal archive. rackline archive storage products include the Multitrak high density mobile product, Profile and Proform static shelving, rotary storage, electric mobile storage or powered mobile systems and a range of picture racking. The product ranges are detailed below, please click on an icon for more details.
  • rackline have delivered major library projects to the public and private sector for the last thirty years. The size of the projects range from the impressive Leeds University Library of over 10,000 linear metres to small private libraries such as for the author Vikram Seth.
  • rackline have delivered Museum storage systems for the past quarter century. Our clients have included some of the biggest museums in the UK such as The V&A and the London Museum to small provincial museums such as Kirkleatham Museum in Newcastle. rackline product can be designed specifically for museum requirements such as map hanging, rolled map and costume storage as well as using our core manufactured product such as the Multitrak mobile storage and Profile shelving for more conventional environments.
  • rackline offer a complete range of storage solutions for health practitioner and hospital record storage. We are an approved supplier on the NHS Supply Chain. Examples of products that we provide include X-ray storage, medical document and equipment storage, storage for patient records, pharmaceuticals and dispensary shelving for hospitals and pharmacies.
  • rackline specialise in School and Education Storage solutions. We offer pupil record storage, secure storage and archive storage for the school's administration. Our shelving can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of the school.
  • rackline have delivered shelving and storage solutions to the Emergency services sector for the last thirty years. We offer solutions designed specifically around the customer's requirements and the storage environment.

    We provide a range of steel shelving solutions for uniforms and equipment, Audio & Video storage, evidence storage, weapon storage, archive and records, kit bags, property and general stores.
  • At rackline we understand stockrooms, we worked with retailers for the past 30 years and recognise that the stockroom has changed over this period and it's not just about piling it high it's also about the variety of products, stock rotation, stock control, easy access, whilst still maintaining the stock capacity in a fast paced environment.

    With a large range of products for the stockroom we offer a free audit and space plan service to ensure you get the right product for your environment. And, we're not just about the stockroom we assist our retailers from the distribution hub and warehouse stores all the ways to the click and collect outlets.



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