Where are your important documents? February 25, 2009

Important Documents


In the light of current security issues regarding data storage, the demand for Rackline’s Secure Pirouette unit has increased.

Rackline’s unique design provides the same efficient Pirouette filing capabilities, whilst offering the necessary high level of security required for sensitive documentation.

The security classifications are determined through rigorous testing and are set between SEAP ratings 1 to 4 with 4 being the highest. As standard, all Rackline units come with a SEAP rated 4 electronic combination lock which can be easily programmed for personal coded access. Rackline can offer an entry level SEAP 2 classified Pirouette, or the higher graded SEAP 3 unit which has individually locked internal compartments. Classification has been verified by the Government Security Division.

Visit our SEAP product page for our variety of security storage solutions.

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