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Why vertical storage systems are great for office storage requirements

November 30, 2008

None of us are strangers to the fact that space is hard to come by. We are all aware of this because many times we need space to store large amount of items like papers, documents and other such things. However, more often than not, this space can never be found. These kinds of situations […]

The importance of storage systems for your organisation

November 29, 2008

For an organisation to be successful, it needs to work in an efficient and well planned manner. This can be achieved by offering quality and quick service to clientele, which will help in increasing business. To function smoothly and cater to the customer requests, a proper facility of storing and keeping important documents and files […]

Rack up and make small spaces BIG

November 29, 2008

Have you ever wondered if you are utilising your office space to its fullest capacity? Today more space means more money! So just check if you have ideal settings which maximises the number of workers in your limited space. A pompous and expensive redoing of interiors is not the only solution to space problems. Professional […]

Proper office planning increases your office work output

November 28, 2008

Providing employees with an office which is spacious helps in increasing their work productivity. With increasing property prices it may not be affordable to own a big office place and the proper utilisation of available space is important. To avail of maximum usage and enable employees to work better, an office space needs to be […]

Mobile storage offers convenience and efficiency

November 27, 2008

A mobile or portable storage unit allows you to manoeuvre your stored items wherever you wish and with great ease. Apart from being easy, it also consumes less time compared to manually moving the storage items. Mono trak, multi trak and power trak are some of the mobile systems your office can install allowing you […]

Make the most of your space with archive storage systems

November 27, 2008

Whether it is at home or in an office, staying on top of all your paper work can be quite a task. Separating, organising and filing bundles of paper documents like mortgage payments, tax information, insurance papers and other important paper documents can be a bit difficult. Once you have finished this painful, time consuming […]

Create extra space by using mobile storage

November 26, 2008

Whether the need for storage is commercial or residential, mobile storage is both efficient and cost effective. Mobile storage is fast becoming the solution for creating that extra space which your office requires. Mobile storage as the name suggests means that you can move your storage anywhere you wish. In workplaces, there are often too […]

Archive shelving – revolutionising the concept of saving space

November 26, 2008

The population of the world is increasing every minute and every second, but the world is not growing any larger, so space is becoming exceedingly valuable and hence, space saving equipment is becoming increasingly necessary. Institutions and organisations which have to store huge numbers of files, books and documents are thus facing acute space problems. […]

Rackline approved supplier for the next four years

November 26, 2008

ackline are pleased to announce their inclusion on the framework agreement for the Supply, Delivery and Installation of High Density Steel Storage including relevant inserts, pockets, wallets, labels & storage media. The framework agreement commences on 1st October 2008 and will be in place for four years until October 2012. To view Racklines range […]

Mobile storage systems – flexibility at its best

November 25, 2008

People who have acquired offices on a rental basis need storage systems that not only provide ease while storing products but also convenience when moving. If you need a durable and cost effective storage system, a mobile storage system is the answer to your evolving storage needs. Mobile storage system can be moved from one […]

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