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With the vast amount of uniform, equipment, documentation and medical supplies required by industries such as the police, fire and ambulance – there’s no surprise that storage is an important consideration.

Key applications of the emergency environment include heavy-duty storage and shelving and other storage solutions. We deliver bespoke options required to make all working materials quickly accessible for emergency workers – be they a nurse, paramedic, firefighter or police officer.

Rackline has delivered shelving and storage solutions to the emergency sector for over thirty years, continually adapting our approach to offer products designed specifically for the storage requirements of a fast-paced emergency services environment.

Our emergency service solutions include shelving for audio and video equipment, evidence storage, weapon storage, medical supplies, archive and records, kit bags, property and general stores.

From mobile storage systems to secure cabinets, Rackline offers a range of solutions that can increase efficiency and organisation for workers. Our durable, high-density steel shelving solutions are perfect for these requirements, offering a tailored long-term solution that can be adapted and extended to meet the growing needs of a headquarters or regional base.

At Rackline we always work closely with the client to create an optimum storage solution for your industry. Our range of stainless steel shelving is durable and resistant to corrosion. It is also easy to clean which is ideal for the emergency services sector as it is a fast-paced environment.

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To find out more about the storage and shelving projects we have completed for the emergency services or to discuss your storage requirements in more detail, please contact the Rackline team on 01782 770 144.