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Rackline is the UK´s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of high-density storage solutions, racking and shelving units.

Our company helps our customers across numerous sectors to manage their floor space to increase the effectiveness of their operations by providing intelligent, bespoke storage & racking systems that exactly meet the needs of their business and which create the perfectly organised storage environment. If you are looking for a racking company, or storage supplier in the UK that provides intelligent and flexible systems then look no further.

Savings in storage costs of up to 50% lead to significant reductions in overheads and improvements in staff efficiency whilst freeing up space to be used for other value adding purposes. Rackline operates in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001 providing unparalleled levels of customer service (see more on our accreditations here).

Rackline does not carry stock, nor do we have any preconceived ideas or recommendations. Our business methods involve in depth analysis, highly technical advanced drawings and thorough presentations and project management. Each of which is designed to help our customer´s business operate more efficiently with an annual cost reduction, rapid payback and longevity of performance.

Rackline and it’s divisions (such as Fileline) have representation throughout the UK, England, Wales and Scotland.
Please contact us on 01782 770144 to be aligned with your local Sales Manager.

Some key products that Rackline supplies are:

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