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Rackline provides a range of industrial and warehouse shelving units, racking and storage products for use across more demanding business environments.  Our industrial shelving solutions provide practical storage space for a vast range of items.

What is industrial storage?

Our range of industrial storage products includes industrial and warehouse shelving units, racking, wide-span storage systems and our bespoke shelving systems. Each of these solutions can be static or mounted onto mobile bases.

All of the storage solutions we create are manufactured from high-quality, durable materials. The industrial shelving solutions created by Rackline are designed to make the best use of available space ensuring maximum storage capacity.

Industrial shelving is a storage system designed specifically for manufacturing or warehouse settings where durability is of the utmost priority enabling customers to increase business efficiency.

Which industrial shelving unit should I choose?

Rackline understands that no two industrial settings are identical. The floor space, weight demands and layout will change in each industrial setting. That’s why the flexibility of any storage fit-out project should be at the heart of storage redesign.

When reworking your warehouse storage systems, the capacity of your business shipping demands needs to be at the forefront of each decision. You should calculate the size and weight of the items you need to store, in order to make your industrial shelving accommodate the correct amount of stock.

Opting for leading quality shelves for industrial use has a variety of benefits including maximised longevity and safety, as well as easy accessibility.

Industrial solutions need to be tailored for some core settings. Pallet racking is the most common storage solution in warehouse settings with two general categories, roll form and structural construction.

Open industrial shelving is the most in-demand storage solution where pallets are not in use. This type of storage is a typically durable unit with a combination of stability and impact resistance.

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