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Efficient storage is an important operational requirement for schools, colleges and universities, so finding effective storage solutions is key for any type of educational facility.

Indeed, the right storage applications can help admin teams to run more effectively and efficiently within an educational setting, ensuring that important guidelines regarding data protection, data loss and safeguarding are adhered to.

Education Shelving & Storage

At Rackline we specialise in offering high-quality storage solutions for educational premises, including tailored filing and archiving installations and shelving applications that are perfect for use in libraries, classrooms, staffrooms and other communal areas.

Our education shelving and storage can be designed and manufactured to meet the exact requirements of your facility, offering adapted installations that overcome the challenges presented by limited floorspace and the unique structural design of a premises.

Our team works alongside a wide range of educational bodies including the University of Aberdeen, University of Glasgow and the National Oceanography Centre to provide high quality, high-density storage and display solutions.

More about our storage solutions for schools, colleges and universities

To find out more about our storage solutions for educational institutions or to discuss your storage requirements in more detail, please contact the Rackline team on
01782 770 144.