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Rackline offers a wide range of innovative office storage solutions. We understand that storage is essential for any office needing storage for archives and documents.

We offer a range of stand-alone storage units, filing systems and mobile office storage. The range of tailored office storage systems makes document storage effective and efficient.

Mobile Storage for Offices

We have developed an innovative selection of mobile office cabinets and office racking storage that offer improved ease of use and accessibility. These include our mobile and electric storage range and low-level mobile storage systems. These are either manual or remote-controlled shelving that runs on dedicated tracks.

Our mobile storage systems also require less space than static systems. This plays an integral role in increasing the square footage available in an office building. The customisable nature of these solutions helps to encompass static and mobile ranges for offices of all shapes and sizes.

mobile office storage

What is mobile office storage?

Mobile office storage typically refers to the use of portable and easily movable storage solutions within a workspace or office environment. Read more here.

Bespoke office storage by Rackline

Optimising your office space

Rackline offers a range of smart storage systems which help file and store documents efficiently. Read more here.

office shelving

Making office shelving work

Every office can maximise storage using the right shelving units. While it may seem like a basic storage solution, shelving is imperative in an office. Read more here.

Benefits of customisable office storage

Optimal Space Utilisation

Offices often have unique layouts and space constraints. Bespoke office storage rack systems maximise the usage which would otherwise be wasted.

Enhanced Security

In many office environments, security is a concern. Custom storage solutions can incorporate locking mechanisms and other security features to protect sensitive documents.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Office storage needs can change over time due to growth or reorganisation. Our bespoke storage systems can be designed to be adaptable.

Improved Organisation

Bespoke storage systems can be tailored to address the specific organisational challenges of your office. This can lead to improved productivity.

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