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University of Reading – Gerry Leonidas

Rackline completed the work last week and all is installed now. The space has been transformed and will mark a huge increase in our capacity. Monotype can be happy that the equipment has found a good home and will be hugely appreciated. Tom, thank you for the smooth operation of the project, and the plan: it maximises accessibility and integrates the pillars very elegantly.

Gary Malkin, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

“Very satisfied.  The new space was a little larger than was originally measured.  The workmen made sure this space was utilized by giving us extra room between aisles. This makes the system much easier to use. They also worked closely with our Building Services team to ensure that our under floor electrics and data were still easily accessible.

I’ve had so many positive comments from people using the new archive space. It’s like having a new system rather than a relocated one.”

Chris King, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

“The whole project was approached and dealt with in a very professional manner, at no time was there any concerns from either party of what was required and how it was to be done. Work was carried out very efficiently with the minimum of fuss and with no disruption to the Hospital’s activities. Your work forces were polite, efficient and helpful, All in all it was an extremely smoothly exercised project.”

Oliver Mahony, University of Oxford

“Just to let you know the shelves and plan chest have been installed and are great ; the team were excellent and it was all installed by the time staff were coming into work. I appreciate their dedication and also that they drove down so early in the day!”

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust – Stephen Dodd

“The shelving at our Darlington Medical Library was old and dated. We previously purchased Rackline shelving for our new library at Durham. We were happy with this shelving and decided to revamp the library at Darlington using the same shelving. The shelving and design has really opened up the library and made it a much more modern and nicer place for students to study.”

Acorn Health Partnership – Amy Taplin

“Following a large scale merger involving three sites, our existing static shelving solutions were not fit for purpose. We needed a solution that would be able to house the Lloyd George notes of all three patient lists on one site. Our new high density mobile shelving with the Lloyd George trays was the perfect solution and now can search through our 45k patient records with ease. We have also gained back two rooms that can now be used to house some of our administrative staff which has been a huge added bonus.”

Chris Staddon, Anglesey County Council

“Very impressed with the service I received from start to finish, very professional and customer focused and will certainly use your service again if the need arises in the future.”

World Rugby Museum – Deborah Mason

“The project was to install mobile shelving in our new storage facilities. Tom was excellent at coming in and planning and quoting for the job and all of our requirements were met. It was excellent that after a later site visit and seeing the modified layout of the store he suggested the designs were modified in order to give us longer tracks to allow for more shelving to be added at a later date.”

Colchester Borough Council, Museums, Tom Hodgson

“Rackline offered us a bespoke and competitively priced design that suited the particular demands of our site. The design team were approachable and flexible, finding effective solutions to all the issues, such as awkwardly placed columns in many of the storerooms, that arose during the project. The installation team carried out their work to plan with a minimum of disruption.”

PVH Europe – Tommy Hilfiger, Matthew Hawley

“I was very impressed with the level of service from Tracy and the installation team.”