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When it comes to important papers and documents, you need an effective filing system in place to keep them in a neat and methodical order. Sometimes offices keep documents in files and folders where they think that they will be safe, only to have difficulty locating them later on.

During audits, old documents often have to be retrieved. Irrespective of the sector that your company is in, a proper filing system is a must. The main purpose of filing is easy maintenance and retrieval of important documents.

Record management can help you to locate files easily. You may land yourself in legal trouble if you are unable to produce sensitive information on time. For a company to function effectively, records have to be in place.

Colour coded labeling will help to give a professional and organised look to shelves. If the office is already cluttered with old files, then you can opt for a completely new filing shelving system- which is a fantastic investment.

Filing systems can be arranged in alphabetical, numerical or alphanumeric order in order to make finding those all important documents that bit easier.