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High-security metal storage cabinets are designed to protect valuable items and documents against a variety of factors. Our secure storage solutions protect your valuable assets, sensitive information, and confidential documents from unauthorised access, theft, damage and environmental hazards.

Secure Storage Systems

Our secure metal storage cabinets and rotary systems come equipped with a host of high-security features designed to ensure maximum protection.

Rackline’s Secure Rotary Cabinets are metal cabinets with a closure panel to prevent unauthorised access. They also feature a detachable hand-operated lock latching plate and a combination lock that can be set for personal use. Rotating shelves and compartments offer access from a single point. Our rotary systems are popular in offices, libraries, government agencies, and businesses where space is limited and secure organisation is required.

The SafeStor Security Cabinets are robust metal storage cabinets with lockable steel doors, designed for storing secure documents. The units are available in a range of sizes, 6 level at 1836mm and 3 level at 996mm high being the most common.

With over 25 years experience of providing secure storage solutions to companies throughout the UK, Rackline supplies the very best bespoke solution for secure office storage cabinets.

Secure metal storage cabinets features

Our secure storage solutions pack features that ensure ease of use and provide maximum protection for your business.

  • Robust lock mechanisms
  • Heavy-duty, durable materials
  • Fire resistant properties
  • Guard against water damage and flooding
  • Maximise your available area with our space-saving designs
  • Tamper-proof storage systems
  • Adjustable shelving

Secure Storage Services from Rackline

We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and security when designing all our storage solutions. From our head office near Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, we design and manufacture all of our high-security storage products.  We provide secure cabinet storage to an ever-growing customer base of large blue-chip companies and SMEs alike.

With our long history and wealth of knowledge in producing secure storage solutions we can provide bespoke storage solutions to companies of all types, and our aim at all times is to offer our customers safety and security, while also maximising their return on investment through innovative storage systems.

We offer a range of secure storage facilities – to find out more, please take a look at the products below. Alternatively, you can call our team on 01782 770144 and ask for the security department. We can design a system for you.

Find out more about our secure storage

When selecting secure storage for your business, consider the level of security required, the type of items to be stored, the available space, and any specific regulations that must be followed.

We are experts in secure storage, the team at Rackline will work with you to devise the right storage facility to suit your specific requirements. Complete the form or call us on 01782 770144 to discuss your needs, and we can design a secure solution for your business.