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Mobile storage systems are the perfect method for increasing your storage capacity or reducing your storage footprint. We offer a range of mobile shelving and storage systems across industry sectors.

Why do I need mobile storage or roller storage?

Using mobile shelving, sometimes referred to as roller racking, in comparison to conventional static shelving can increase your storage capacity by up to 70%. On the other hand, if you wish to reduce your storage footprint by applying mobile storage solutions, you can achieve savings of up to 50%.

If you are planning for the future and accommodating for the growth of your business operations, mobile racking or roller storage provides the ideal solution for adding storage volume and capacity when your company needs it.  We have a range of mobile solutions for companies across business sectors.

See a video here of our system in use at Keele University.


Benefits of mobile solutions

Space Optimisation

Reducing the amount of space required for storage can free up space for other purposes, such as expanding work areas or accommodating additional equipment. This can lead to improved efficiency and productivity within the workspace.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Mobile systems can be easily reconfigured or relocated to accommodate changes in storage requirements.

Improved Organisation

Mobile systems provide better organisation and accessibility to stored items. A mobile shelf system gives businesses easy access to retrieve items without the need to navigate through aisles of static shelving.

Enhanced Security

Some of Rackline’s mobile units come with locking mechanisms or can be integrated with security systems to protect valuable or sensitive items.

Find out more about our mobile shelving products

To find out more read our ultimate guide to mobile shelving. Alternatively, contact us on 01782 770144 to discuss your needs, and we can design an industrial shelving solution for you.