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Roller racking systems are ideal for maximising space and providing a high-density storage solution (gain up to 70% more space than static shelving). Increase your storage capacity with this Rackline’s high-density roller racking storage solution.

Who are roller racking solutions suitable for?

Mobile racking is suitable for a number of environments but is typically used in libraries, solicitors, public records offices, hospitals and general offices. Basically, anywhere where high-density storage is needed but space is at a premium. 

Roller racking units are mounted on mobile bases that run effortlessly on tracks fitted to your existing floor. Not only do they allow easy access to your documents, but they are more secure than conventional open static shelving.  

You can install a mobile racking system on any floor. As there are no fixings there’s no damage. Our Roller Racking systems give you great flexibility and can be easily moved should you relocate premises at any time. 

Roller Racking and Mobile Shelving from Rackline

We are a leading provider of roller racking, mobile storage, roller storage and mobile shelving in the UK. We provide rolling and mobile storage solutions to clients across business sectors including industrial shelving solutions, mobile office storage and mobile storage systems for retail, healthcare, libraries, museums, education and many other areas.

The options for mobile storage are endless and can depend on the material being stored, the area it is going into, and the picking rates required. Rackline’s experienced team will offer you the right solution, with a free no obligation site survey, space plan and quotation.

There are three types of mobile shelving systems including manual ones and powered systems. Click on the links below to view our mobile shelving and racking products:

Roller Racking FAQs

What is Roller Racking?

Roller racking units are mounted on mobile bases that run effortlessly on tracks. It allows easy access to your documents with secure open static shelving. The popular storage system delivers outstanding flexibility, as they can easily be moved and relocated at any time.

How much space can these systems save?

It allows you to increase your storage capacity by 70%. Typically, you can fit the same amount of storage in 50% of this type of storage unit. These high-density storage solutions can be moved or extended as circumstances change with minimal disruption.

How safe is roller racking?

Roller storage is extremely safe, as the locking handwheels ensure that the open aisle is braked. It also has geared drive systems that enable fully loaded mobile shelving bases to be operated with minimum effort. Furthermore, the grooved wheels and tracks on the storage systems ensure accuracy and prevent longer-span racking systems from bending along their length.

Why invest in roller racking?

There are many advantages to investing in roller storage. Roller racking operates in an unobstructed space with easy access to the contents thanks to frictionless levelled guided floor tracks. All of Rackline’s mobile storage solutions come with safety options including locks to improve security.

Find out more about our roller racking

Find out more please read our ultimate guide to mobile shelving. You can contact us by calling 01782 770144 to discuss your needs for a bespoke solution.