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Finding effective storage solutions is important for the efficient processes of any education environment. Rackline ensures your educational facility storage solutions adhere to data protection and safeguarding guidelines.

Rackline specialises in offering its expertise in storage solutions for educational premises. These education storage solutions come in many different shapes and sizes. These include bespoke mobile filing and archiving installations or static shelving applications.

Our designers learn where your products are used, like libraries, classrooms or archives, and create the best storage solution for you.

Our storage units for schools, colleges and universities are designed to fit your space. This offers an adapted installation process which overcomes the challenges presented by limited floorspace and the unique structural design of the premises.

Our team has worked alongside numerous education bodies including:

University of Aberdeen
University of Glasgow
The National Oceanography Centre
Keele University
The University of Liverpool
Sheffield University
Paisley College

Provide high-density storage, archive and display solutions.

Education storage solutions for different education settings

For educational institutions of any size, it is important to have high-quality storage solutions that can support the day-to-day running of your facility. Here are a few essential storage needs of educational premises, from primary schools to universities.

Library Storage and Shelves

Libraries sit at the core of successful learning environments and will naturally require a mixture of storage systems to meet the need to store books and other artefacts. Rackline offers a range of products suited for libraries including standard shelving, storage bays, dividers and drawers. All these products are designed for storing and referencing a large amount of materials.


Most educational facilities require significant administrative support to make sure important documents and information are properly stored. So to help your staff, Rackline recommends dedicated storage options for offices like static shelving, low-level storage and secure cabinets.

Archive Storage

Many educational facilities are at least 100 years old and likely to be around for a long time to come, so archive storage is important. Rackline has developed a range of specialist products perfect for archive storage. These help to maintain and secure documents and other items without compromising the space needed for the everyday functionality of your school, college or university.

Classroom Shelving and Storage

Rackline designs shelving and storage that enhance the activities that are being undertaken. This might include pull-out drawers and plastic trays to accommodate materials. Alternatively, powered shelving might enhance the storage cabinets for schools and universities in their sports facilities, for example.

More about our storage solutions for schools, colleges and universities

To find out more about our storage solutions for educational institutions or to discuss your storage requirements in more detail, please contact the Rackline team on
01782 770 144.