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Our rotary systems provide efficient and quick access to files, with double-sided cabinets on a sturdy rotating base. A 90-degree turn provides access to either shelf face without the operator moving from the spot.

Our pirouette rotary storage system is more efficient than conventional filing cabinets, both in storage capacity and floor space. It demonstrates a space-saving ratio of 12:1.

Advantages of using Rackline’s rotary units

Space saving, guaranteed

These cabinets offer up to 100% more storage space than other cabinets while taking up less floor space.

The Rackline rotary systems are proven to improve the store density of an office or institution. In one project, where an office used 22 four-drawer cabinets in 12.4m² of floor space, we suggested using four eight-tier pirouette storage units, which added capacity while taking up just 4m² in floor space.

The pirouette units can also accommodate the equivalent of six four-drawer filing cabinets per unit. A five-wide eight-tier pirouette storage solution has the equivalent storage of 25 four-draw drawer filing cabinets which would have taken five times as much floor space.

Easily accessible

Rotary filing cabinets feature double-sided sections located on the rotating base. The base is designed to help give easy access to both sides of the cabinet. This is achieved by enabling the inner shelves and the base to rotate up to 180 degrees.

This functionality is powered by a foot pedal meaning that people of all ages and sizes can easily operate the store systems.

Security prioritised

It’s also worth noting that the security of Rackline’s rotary units is of exceptionally high standards. Each cabinet can feature a locking system which allows efficient yet tightly secure storage.

The combination of maximising storage space, security and flexibility combine to make rotary perfect for usage in a variety of settings. From general offices, libraries, commercial complexes, schools and banks, rotary cabinets are the preferred option for institutions with many files and paperwork.


The pirouette rotary storage units show the utmost flexibility. They can be adjusted to different heights while adding more storage space on either side. Rotary units can be designed to suit specific filing requirements.

The flexibility of a rotary storage unit is fully adjustable to suit different heights and, before manufacturing, we can customise the width fully. With a wide range of heights, rotary units offer a highly unique design which can act as an expansion or expand on other types of storage.

Rotary Storage Systems from Rackline

We offer a range of rotary filing cabinets and rotary filing systems.  Our specific rotary systems are shown below.

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