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Alongside our core manufacturing business, we have developed a range of mobile storage and relocation services to complement the installation of our products. Racking relocation is required when either product has to be decanted from the original storage systems and relocated on new storage systems or when newly installed systems need populating with either new product from other locations in the same building or from geographically distinct locations. This storage relocation service recognises that client manpower and time is often insufficient to handle the sheer volume of the collections that are stored.

Rackline provides relocation services to a range of clients including numerous museums and even the Crown Prosecution Service.

Whilst each relocation has its own unique characteristics there are three key offerings that Rackline has on relocation:

Decanting and storing of existing collections

As part of the relocation services Rackline can remove and store any collection from books to textiles if the client requires it. Rackline will provide an audit pre relocation where they determine the nature of the collection in particular manual handling aspects, sizes, fragility and appropriate environment/climate for the collection to be stored. If appropriate at this time the collection will be catalogued using bespoke software. Following approval by the client, technically qualified staff will be deployed and storage containers provided by Rackline to decant the collection, store and label in containers in the client location and then removal from site to an environmentally appropriate and secure location for storage.

Population of new or existing storage systems

If Rackline has already decanted a collection it can recant the same at the clients direction to new or existing installation. In order to ensure this process is seamless and conforms to the collections teams requirements Rackline uses bespoke software to catalogue the collections as they are decanted and then can sort this data at the behest of the client so it can be repopulated to suit the new environment. In addition if there are existing collections in storage that need to be delivered to a new system Rackline can offer a service to clients of going to the storage location, cataloguing the collection using Rackline manpower and software and then transporting and populating at the new site.

Ergonomic audit and cataloguing

The Rackline team have thirty years of experience in designing and populating storage systems for all manner of collections. In addition to following client direction in allocation and distribution of collections in new systems, the team also can propose ergonomic designs and locations for existing collections that have to be moved. The “end to end” relocation services involve the Rackline designers auditing the existing collections, designing a new system with optimal ergonomic design based on our experience and cataloguing then handling the decanting and repopulation of the entire collection leaving the client to focus on the running of their business and department.

Whilst the three processes above are well established in the Rackline portfolio we are conscious that every client have unique requirements and issues that will need to be solved. If you have a relocation or a storage requirement that you need ideas or help on, please feel free to call us. We are happy to provide a cost free visit and audit to support you in reaching a solution. Call us on 01782 770 144 and ask for our relocation services.