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Rackline understands that each business has bespoke storage requirements that must meet their operational needs. Our bespoke storage solutions are tailored for you and designed exactly for your needs.

Rackline works with customers in a wide range of sectors to deliver best in class storage solutions, from bespoke shelving and storage for commercial, domestic and industrial environments to storage solutions for offices, museums, libraries and galleries.  We are experts at providing storage systems for valuable assets such as paintings, artefacts, confidential documents, valuable equipment, paperwork and more.

Our skilled team work closely with our clients to design and manufacture custom workplace storage systems that are fit for purpose. We address the complexities posed by limited floorspace, diverse architectural structures and safety requirements to deliver innovative storage solutions for our valued customers.

All our bespoke shelving and storage solutions are designed to be future proof. They can be adapted to increase or decrease volume or adjust to changing inventory. Our systems in most cases can be safely and easily moved if your organisation relocates to new premises. Rackline can even support you in the move, supporting you throughout.

Bespoke Storage Solution Gets a Royal Salute

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Bespoke education storage solutions

Bespoke education storage solutions Smaller classrooms at schools, colleges and universities can make it difficult to keep learning materials organised. Read More

Bespoke Shelving and Storage from Rackline

Our bespoke shelving and storage solutions are designed for your needs. Our talented team tailor storage for your requirements. Features of our bespoke storage service include:

Expertise & Experience

Our designers are experts in designing bespoke storage solutions.  We have over 35 years of experience in the storage sector.

Maximise Storage Space

Our bespoke storage can be designed to make the most of your available space, increasing your storage capacity.


We use durable materials to ensure our storage products last and withstand the rigours of daily use.

Accessible Organisation

Our custom storage solutions use special features to ensure easy access to stored items.

Tailored For You

Bespoke storage solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements. This means that the storage solution is built around your available space, the type of items you need to store, and how you want to access and manage them.

Across Industry Sectors

We work across industry sectors including Healthcare, Government, Education, Industrial and many more.

Storage Products

Discover more about the different storage products we provide.

Secure Combination Lock

Secure Rotary Storage Systems

The Rackline range of secure Pirouette rotary storage systems will hold up to 12 metres of storage or 12,160mm of filing…Read More

Bristol Old Vic

Monotrak Mobile Storage

The unique Monotrak mobile shelving system operates on a single guide track fitted directly to your existing floor, without the need for extensive and often costly site work…Read More

Multitrak Mobile Storage

The Multitrak system operates on multiple torque tubes and wheels to accommodate long bases and great loads…Read More

Find out more about our bespoke storage solutions

Our team can work with any space to provide innovative storage systems tailored for you.  Call us today on 01782 770 144 to find out more about our bespoke storage solutions.