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Rackline has delivered museum storage systems for the past quarter of a century with clients including nationally recognised institutions and regional organisations.

Our tailored museum storage solutions are developed, designed and manufactured specifically for use in museum environments, meeting bespoke requirements for applications such as artwork display, map hanging, costume storage and archiving.

We offer durable static, mobile and bespoke storage options suitable for museum use.

Our museum display storage solutions are innovative and secure, and our museum collection storage has been used throughout the UK. Take a look at our case studies to see how museums have worked with Rackline find the best possible solutions.

Rackline excels at creating bespoke museum storage solutions.

Using Rackline’s storage solutions in museums

Royal Engineer Museum storage

Enhancing the racking capabilities of the Royal Engineering Museum

museum storage

Introducing new racking systems to Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery

Using multitrack storage at University of Cambridge, Museum of Zoology

Using the Heritage Fund with Rackline

Did you know you can use the Heritage Fund to upgrade museum storage?

The Heritage Fund has awarded nearly £2.3 billion to 5,600 museums across the UK. The funding aims to support small and large institutions including national and local authority museums. Funded by National Lottery players since 1994, the grant can be used to fund a range of projects that transform the UK’s culture and aid heritage organisations.

The fund is particularly useful for museums where space is limited and can be used to create new displays, store historic relics and create more space for new exhibitions.

At Rackline we specialise in bespoke storage solutions which are designed and manufactured in-house, specifically for use in museum environments. This ensures that special pieces such as artwork, costumes, archives and artefacts, are stored safely and meet the bespoke requirements of a museum.

How to apply for heritage funding

Ranging from £3,000 to £5 million, the National Lottery grant is available for projects of all sizes that aim to support the UK’s heritage.

To express interest in the grant for your organisation, applications are available to submit online. To find out more about the Heritage Fund visit

Find out more about our storage solutions for Museums

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