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We provide a range of artwork storage solutions for galleries housing and displaying artworks such as paintings and sculptures.

Access, security and environment are just some of the factors at play when it comes to storing art, so a tailored approach is required in order to achieve the best possible results. Our tailored approach to artwork storage means we can provide customised artwork racking systems to match your required security and storage conditions.

Rackline has decades of experience delivering picture racking, art storage cabinets and gallery storage across the UK. This experience means that we have grown to be one of the trusted manufacturers of artwork storage systems.

Our clients range from public sector galleries to private collections. Some galleries and museums using Rackline systems include the Victoria & Albert Museum, Whitworth Art Gallery, Dundee’s McManus Art Gallery and The Shell Art Gallery.


Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery

Rackline installed a new artwork racking system within this art gallery, to ensure that its artefacts could be stored both neatly and off the floor. Read more here.

Tips for artwork storage

In this handy blog post, read about the key considerations you should be thinking about when you are storing your artwork. Read more here.

Making artwork storage perfect

Changing your artwork displays can be stressful. In this blog we look at where you should store artwork when you are moving your displays. Read more here.

Benefits of high-quality artwork storage

Protecting the value

High-quality artwork is often a valuable asset, both in terms of money and cultural impact. Proper artwork storage helps to maintain the artwork’s condition, which in turn preserves its value.

Protecting against damage

Artwork (especially delicate paintings or textiles) can be damaged in a number of ways, including by light exposure, exposure to humidity, incorrect temperatures (and fluctuations) and pests. Rackline’s high-quality, custom manufactured storage solutions use the correct materials and controlled environments to minimise the risks and prevent damage to your valuable artifacts.

Keeping artwork safe

Our high-quality storage solutions can include high security features. These help protect the artwork from theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access.

Reducing stress and giving peace of mind

Knowing that the artwork you store is in a secure and controlled environment provides you with peace of mind. You can continue to enjoy your collection without worrying about potential damage, or its deterioration due to poor storage conditions.

A range of solutions for artwork storage

The primary storage solutions offered to galleries and museums consist of lateral mobile picture racking or pullout picture racking. Our talented in-house designers can offer a solution specifically to your individual requirements, including the following art storage racks

secure storage cabinets

Secure rotary storage

Fitted with a hinge guard to prevent seal access, this rigid steel case storage system has a flush-fitted rear closure panel.

Multitrak mobile storage

These types of storage systems are highly customisable, made by Rackline, and are tested to different quality approvals.

Widespan - Longspan Shelving

Widespan shelving systems

Utilising all available storage space possible, widespan shelving is an efficient solution for quick and easy storage optimisation.

Find out more about our artwork storage solutions

To find out more about our comprehensive and proven range of artwork storage systems, or if you have a particular requirement, please feel free to contact us on 01782 770 144. Our team are on hand to talk you through previous installs, and look at your individual requirements.