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Extensive storage space must be a key factor when designing and planning the layout of any library environment. Practical and efficient library shelving solutions are essential in small private book collections through to large public libraries.

No matter the collection book, it is essential that you use the right type of library shelves. Whether archiving valuable books, storing research documents, or displaying books for public borrowing, it is important that each material is kept secure and organised.

The organisation of any library is key when having to access parts of the collection on demand. We provide a range of storage solutions for libraries including static library shelving or custom-made mobile storage for libraries.

Since being established in 1984, Rackline has delivered many major projects for public and private libraries of all sizes. We will always aim to offer cost-effective library shelving and storage, whilst making the most of available floor space.

Rackline’s teams a re proud to have supported many Libraries, including the Manchester Central Library, The University of Aberdeen Library and Worcester Libraries.

Rackline’s library shelving case studies

How high-quality library shelves can benefit your library

Making the most of your space

High-quality storage solutions and library shelving can maximise the use of available space allowing libraries to accommodate a larger collection without needing to expand the physical footprint of the library.

Enhancing organisation

Rackline’s library solutions also help with creating efficient organisation and categorisation methods. With custom-built storage, librarians can use assigned labelling systems and display options to organise books by subject, genre or author.

Flexibility and adaptability

Rackline’s storage solutions typically come with adjustable and customisable features which bring the utmost storage layouts to every collection. Libraries can also use these features to accommodate different inventory regularly.

More about our Library Storage Solutions

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