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Static shelves are fitted in a set position and held in place to provide permanence, structure and stability. These installations are often chosen for open storage environments that have a large number of items which need to be stored.

As a provider of high-quality fixed storage systems, Rackline works to add easily accessible storage to a fixed location, using its racking systems.

Each of Rackline’s wide range of static storage products is fully customisable, maximising storage density with highly cost-effective solutions. The storage solutions are also perfect for keeping stock or valuable items, such as books and manuscripts safe. That’s thanks to two desirable characteristics:

Advantages of static storage

High strength

Unlike many other types of shelving, Rackline’s static shelves are very strong and can support heavy loads.


Your staff can easily use and adjust static shelves; they don’t require experts to help with their fitting.

Flexible setup

They can be arranged in different ways, from long and short aisles to U-shaped.


The variety of colours possible for a static shelving system can attract many people.

static shelving

Static Shelving Units Case Study


The beauty of Rackline’s fixed shelving is that its depth can vary considerably. Sometimes there can be up to two feet of depth with the ability to store huge materials.

We make and design all our shelves and storage products in Staffordshire – we create each product according to your needs. Since 1984, we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in creating custom storage solutions for clients of all sizes. Our experience ranges from small businesses to large companies.

Using static shelving in libraries

Wherever there is a large collection of books, there needs to be logistical planning in how each can be viewed and found easily by anyone who visits. If a reader comes into a public library to find a book, accessibility must be considered and prioritised.

In projects we’ve worked on, using static shelving combines storage solutions in a manner which optimises space perfectly. Each book easily fits into a specified slot and can be used as and when needed. The nature of static storage means that categorising books and proper labelling systems are possible. As the books are well distributed in slots and categories, records are easier to maintain and you can keep the books in a highly organised order. Static shelving in libraries helps to make stocking and finding more convenient.

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At Rackline, our expert team will work with you to devise the right product to suit your specific requirements. Call us on 01782 770144 to discuss your needs, and we can design an solution for your business.