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Some media storage cabinets can organise your DVDs, CDs and other media items in large roll-out drawers. They secure the goods with sliding tambour cabinet doors. Media Storage Cabinets are usually available with 5 or 6 drawers and have movable drawer dividers to accommodate to the specific needs of customers. Media storage cabinets are made from high quality steel and come in a range of different colours. To summarise, some key features of a media storage cabinet are as follows:

Media storage cabinets organise the media in a systematic manner. Media storage cabinets have roll-out cabinets that allow easy access to media files. Five movable drawer dividers with 1” increment in every drawer keep the media files organised properly. You can keep your media storage cabinets in the way you want.

Keep your multimedia files secured

Sliding door tambour cabinets keep the content out of sight. The locking system provides secured storage. Multimedia storage needs are completely handled by the over-sized 6 drawers. Media storage cabinets store CDs, DVDs, VHS tape in easy glide drawers which provide users effortless and full access to media files.

No assembly is required for the media storage cabinets. By having a media storage cabinet, all your media storage problems will come to an end. Each drawer of multimedia storage cabinet has 1 permanent divider in the middle and 2 exterior recessed labels.