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There’s a good chance a commercial retailer or office-based business will change premises at least once during the lifetime of the company, and when the time comes, moving storage facilities will become a priority.

Here we highlight three important factors to consider when moving business storage from one facility to another:

A precious cargo

The primary consideration of storage transfer is that sensitive and valuable items are moved in a safe and orderly manner with a minimal risk of damage.

When moving a high volume of company property that is likely to include company documentation, stock and other valuables it’s important to have an experienced team overlooking the move and any interval storage.

business storage relocation

At Rackline we can remove and store any collection from files and books through to textiles and other materials, as required. Prior to your relocation we will perform a thorough audit, determining the nature of your collection and the appropriate environments for the collection to be stored.

Business Continuity

Because the contents of your business storage are vital to the everyday running of your company, a seamless transition is absolutely essential.

Even where storage is required, it is essential that all business commodities and the systems in which they were organised are restored as soon as possible with minimum difficulty.

Rackline offers storage decanting and recanting as per the direction of our client, offering a smooth transition to new or existing installation. In order to ensure this process is seamless and conforms to your requirements, we use bespoke software to catalogue your company property.

Making sure everything fits

Whether your business is moving to smaller or larger premises, it’s important to make sure that the existing storage installations will fit, or that the new systems in place at a new building are suitable for the job.

Our experienced team has designed and populated storage systems for more than 30 years, helping to relocate a vast range of client collections. Our knowledge includes the design and instalment of new systems, as well as the proposal of ergonomic solutions for existing collections that have to be moved.

To find out more about how Rackline can assist with your storage relocation, please follow this link.